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you want max power, and the FT set bonus is usually pretty helpful.

I get Field Medic belt/bracers/offhand/mainhand

GET WAR HERO MAINHAND FIRST! You will want it! Also, augment all that BM gear up! you will be glad you did! Do your pve credit dailies in between Q times or after your pvp dailies are done (No point in playing on my server since I'm always getting steamed by premades). you'll be able to augment about 2 things per character (I have 4 fifties, for example, so I can afford to full augment 8 pieces and everything each day. That's 1 mil a day, but ofc I don't have that time, so I make about 1/3 of that lol).

TL;DR Yes augment your bm, get WH mainhand, and get money with dailies
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Bioware couldn't balance a sheet of plywood if it were laying [sic] on the ground.
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Make sure you take 3/3 in the "knowing how to play" box