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Well the cosmetic gear not been removed from game is it? The gear will be available from fleet venders so will the pets and mounts from the crates. It's just changed from orange to blue gear but still legacy wide. Why the change of colour ? lol, no idea. On top of that there will be new cosmetic gear as drops in 6.0 in any case, so even if it was removed it's been replaced. Just have the choice of using it or deconstructing it for tech parts.

The crates are most likely being removed but a conformation of this really is not to much to ask, as it would be a simple Yes or No. If not removed there's nothing to stop new items been added to them to replace items removed. So could go either way.
There is much confusion here. The only gear being moved to “Spoils of War” vendors on the fleet for tech fragments are the cosmetic items that dropped in GALACTIC COMMAND crates. This thread is about (locked) ALLIANCE SUPPLY crates, which were mission rewards for planetary heroics and necessary to bring up the influence rank for alliance specialists and the planetary Star Fortress resistance members. And they appear to still drop but only if you are between 50-70. This thread is about obtaining final clarification about whether they are permanently going away for level 75s.
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