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EDIT: Hmmm in my thought process of writing this post, I guess I thought that the 'strike fighter' mentioned in this post meant GSF as a whole, rather than what looks to be as in the class itself... OPPS! I'll leave my original post as is though, if it's worth anything

As for the strike fighter class, last time I played them they felt fine, but still felt outclassed by the Bomber class.
I haven't played GSF in a while. Mostly due to interest woes and balance issues.

Because I haven't played in a while, my information could be incorrect, so I apologize.

When GSF first launched, I got really into playing the scout class, and was doing fairly good with it. I had prior commitments with regular pvp though, so I'd not be able to play it all the time. With that being said, and its waning popularity, when I got back into GSF after a major update and addition, and nerf to the scout class, it didn't have the same appeal to me.

The new update brought the new Bomber class, and it was pretty much that if you weren't playing this class, you shouldn't be playing at all.

My appeal for playing the scout class, was its speed over fire power, and I don't think I was getting that. I mean, perhaps I'm not the best player to make those calls, since I'm not the best flight sim player, but I figure I'd be alright. I suppose, if anything, I'd like to have a much longer boost to speed, even if it means at the cost of damage. And make a bigger usage of the rockets that have no lock on to encourage the use of that weapon as it is high risk to use (misses often) but can be devastating on hit.

My other bigger pet peeve would have to be the lock on system, which I think gets affected by latency. Someone will be in pursuit of me, and I get the lock on warning, I'll boost away or use LoS, but it seems like more often than not, I'll still get caught by the missile - can't outrun it or anything. That was always a bit frustrating.

Anywho, sorry for being a bit vague, it's been a while since I've played it.