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03.22.2013 , 01:01 PM | #1194
1. The Red Eclipse

2. All characters(Verco, Reerso, Aduna, Fidala, Behise, Malckie, Breebe, Revai, Duxon, Althania, Joldoro, Dysoni)

3. At the end of both flashpoints "The Esseles" and "The Black Talon". At the last conversation before you get to choose destination(Coruscant or Republic fleet etc.) the game crashes instantly to desktop. Also, even though it was quite a while ago since it last happend, sometimes the game crashes when you tab in and out of the game.

4. As i said in number 3 above.



7. I can't specify it more than iv'e already done in number 3. It was ages ago i finished those flashpoints because the game ALWAYS crashes at the end.