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Nice work!

Just a few comments on the assassin section, though:
  • Since this is a guide for dummies, you might want to mention how to use dark ward and how it works.
  • Versus a mob of heavy armors or tanks, you might prefer to use recklessness on a procced discharge instead of wither (because it bypasses armor and shield).
  • The opener seems to depend on shock proccing but the proc of shock is totally random (though lacks any rate limit. In other words, you might get 3 auto-crits in 6 gcds in a row, and you might get none.

More about the shock proc: the shock proc has a chance to happen in each strike of thrash separately (resulting in 0.51% chance to proc), but same goes for each target hit by lacerate. Therefore, combined with the fact that lacerate traumatizes all targets, then unless you are finishing someone off you probably better prefer lacerate over thrash (deals same damage, 1 more trauma, and same chance for shock proc). When fighting versus even more people, the shock has (1-0.7^n) chance to proc (n = number of attacked players). Here is a breakdown by number of targets: 3 targets = 0.657 chance. 4 = 0.7599 chance. 5 = 0.83193 chance. 6 = 0.882351 chance. 7 = 0.9156457 chance. 8 = 0.94235199 chance. Therefore above 3 targets I would suggest removing maul from the rotation and lacerating unless you have a better AoE, a shock or depredating volts. It is very likely shock will proc for each lacerate (worst case - lacerate again. Never was unlucky enough to lacerate 4 people twice without getting a proc) and don't forget that this proc resets the cooldown too.
Your analysis is correct. I think though this comes down to a lot of situational awareness and thinking by the part of the assassin/shadow player. I'll have to figure out, if i even can, to try to simplifying this in a way a new player wouldn't be overwhelmed. This is getting really into the nitty-gritty of the rotation/priority system for min/maxing your dps. This also depends if the player is also choosing to wear the DPS set-bonus or the tanking one. Have to think about this.

Thank you for your feedback.
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