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They aren't going to edit/add stuff to 10 year old movie cut scenes just to make sentinels/marauders use both their lightsabers. And like above, other classes do weird things, too. Like the agent using a pistol.

Some things you just got to go with the flow, they can't cater every desire and whim for every individual playing the game. Some people probably never noticed you only use one saber, and have no problem with it and some may even like it.

Just go with the flow.
Yeah, I canít not notice that stuff. And for the agents and troopers, I never really minded because youíre not gonna pull out a massive blaster canon, sniper rifle, or carbine to one-shot someone at point blank range. While youíre busy taking your big weapon out, you are going to get killed.

They also donít have to update the old class stories, thatís just a dream I have. Itíd be great if they did include the dual sabers in Onslaught and onward, though. In my opinion, it looks eye-roll-y when both KOTOR games, which are older than Vanilla SWTOR, have your character pull out both their sabers when in cutscenes, but they donít here. Like, I see Ashoka and Ventress fight with two sabers, and even Darth Sidious. It breaks the fantasy Iím trying to have, and I get the costs, but I mean, itíd be really nice, and the fact that itís very unlikely to happen is going to keep annoying me, lol, like a paper cut.
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