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The Force Awakens suffered because people chastised the prequels. Hoping not to make a movie fans would say Sucked Donkey, in their attempt to make the movie Star Wars they remade Star Wars with NotTattooine, NotBlowingUpAlderaan, and NotDeathStar. They made a film that Sucked Donkey. The Last Jedi was all about political propaganda. Real world politics, and only one acceptable point of view, was all that mattered. Preach to the audience. It was nothing about Star Wars. It Sucked Donkey. The Rise of Skywalker was a latch ditch effort to fix the mess that was made. The return of Palpatine was to initiate nostalgia and try to link all the films together. They had to band-aid Snoke to give him relevance. The politics was removed. Remaking what was done before removed. It Sucked Donkey less but still sucked because it's linked to the previous two films.

DIsney needs to abandon the sequel storyline. They can redo the sequels and recast Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. There will be some fan grumbling, but promise and succeed on making a good film it will work. Fans are ok with recasting given the reality of real life status of the original actors. They don't even have to be the main characters. Leia can be Chancellor of the New Republic, Luke the Jedi Master of a new Jedi Council, and Han a General in the Army of the New Republic. Alternatively, create a new story set hundreds if not thousands of years later. The Republic and Jedi reformed with a new threat emerging. There can be a superweapon, but blowing up a planet or star won't do. It can be biological where it kills the population leaving the planet intact for the evil invaders to take over. To make it hurt it's used on Tattooine, Kashyyk, or Naboo.