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01.16.2018 , 09:41 PM | #7
I do Hope we *Return to the "Back and Forth", Rapport we had before with our Companions Quest's and Persona wise but as the way things have been with B.W. since mid KotFE and all the way to Now I really am not *Expecting that. There is no basis for any Trust in B.W. companion wise. Sure we're getting them back and mine in just a few days (Gunslinger) and others supposedly on the way I believe this will be it and the reunions will be short, not as Uplifting as we're looking forward to and then End. B.W. has either said "They're on the way", "Were discussing that right now", "We have their reunions in the plan (Part of the Zakuul storyline)", or never acknowledged the subject when it was brought up. Were getting them back but I think this will be it. I do hope I'm wrong this time .