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That would be one way to help. But yeah, I would never suggest being able to level command rank at, say, level 1. I just think if you're playing more than one level 70 toon (or playing upwards of 10-20 as some of us are... well, will be once we've gotten them up to 70 from 65) it becomes important that your progress on each character means something toward your overall end-game progression. Which is something the legacy system does well.
C'mon, there's no progression in randomness. I have 3 set gear item, 2 of them the same(YAY!!!!), a friend of mine with the same level has none. Where's the progression in this? There's none because there's no insurance policy. OK, trhewy said on the stream that they will monitor the situation... really? Is this testing?! They mentioned how good QA team they have. How could this QA miss assassin being bugged into oblivion?

Anyway, people rage about achievements for few days, they listen. People rage about RNG for weeks, they ignore it. What was I expecting anywa?
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