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It's really hard to say, IMO. There's really not that much official canon on the subject, that I'm aware of. If you look at Wookieepedia, even it has statements that seem mildly contradictory:

From the general page on the Twi'lek species:
"There was not an even distribution of phenotypes across the Twi'lek population. The Lethan Twi'leks, red in coloration, were a rare subgroup,[7][12] perhaps even the most rare.[12] In contrast, the Rutian Twi'leks, which exhibited a blue phenotype, were more common among the population.[6]"

That kind of sounds like blue is common, but then . . .

From the page detailing the 'Rutian' (blue) twi'leks:
"Rutian referred to one of the many skin tones of the Twi'lek species. Generally denoting a color somewhere between dark blue and aquamarine, of which other variations included teal and turquoise, this was among the rarest skin hues among Twi'leks, second only to the red-skinned Lethans."

So now we have the blues being second-rarest only to the reds. One could fit the first statement into that context, I suppose -- that in saying they were "more common among the population" they only mean in regards to Letheans, and not that they were common in general. Though if you only look at the general page without the stuff on the Rutian page, it doesn't quite come across that way, IMO.

And that's just the 'written lore.' One would hope that would reflect 'canon,' but if you look at the movies, comics, games and various sourcebooks, most every twi'lek of note after Aayla Secura is turquoise-blue. So it doesn't do much to uphold the whole 'rarity' thing. (I guess most twi'lek aren't blue or red, but the noteworthy ones always come from 'rare stock.')

There really isn't anything speaking to any color other than blue and red, which, while the most often-seen in named characters, are supposedly the rarer skin tones. So really . . . go with whatever you like, avoiding red and perhaps blue, as those are the 'hero-colors' reserved for twi'leks of note.
Blue is not a rare color. The Rutian shade is the rare blue. Some shades are more rare than others. Red is the rarest of all. Most shades of blue were pretty common, just like the greens. Rutian is just a rare shade of blue. I have not seen Rutian in the game, the blue I have seen looks normal so I think the OP is safe using it or green.