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Done, was editing, sorry I took long. hehe


Updated my previous post as well with the unobtainables.

Unobtainable: 950 from Operations, 100 Feats of Strength, 350 Galactic Command, 160 Dark vs. Light.
I fixed the link in the second post so it links to the unobtainable link. There's a max of 850 unobtainable from ops, Feats of Strength (<With A Little Help From My Friends>) is still obtainabale, and the Galactic Command points will not be unobtainable until 6.0. Also, I think you are posting the unobtainable point you have, rather than what you miss? Sorry if it is unclear.

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Name: Eltaurus
Server: Darth Malgus
Points: 50505
Please provide a screenshot of the later categories.