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10.11.2019 , 10:19 PM | #12
Thinking about this I also wondered if there's more to the character being set (Gender) by the studio. The character customization has become almost something so frequent many would think its as regular as the disk space it occupies; it's just always expected in today's games. Thinking of "Star Wars" lore, stories and popular themes combined with "Fallen Orders" Story or Semi Story theme and more importantly the #2 character "Cere Junda", in the game, that woman seems to be Cal's *Wiser partner. I might think that at some point they may becomes a bit closer; that's the reason for the Dedicated Gender. Going a bit beyond that and also a frequent direction for Star Wars those two by the end may either "Be a Couple" or.....(This is Dark) she may be ..Killed most likely by the Inquisitor sister just before the finale of the Inquisitors defeat.
Just spit-balling ideas that fit known facts so far