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If you were really wanting to up your PVP game you would actually do at the very least a few OPS and flash points knowing you'd have an opportunity to pick up fast and strong rewards that will help you optimize your character and make you the credits needed for upgrades. Remember when One Eye is constantly fixed on the prize, there is only one eye left with which to to find the path. Also if you go through with at least one character to end of chapter 2 you get a boost that augments all your characters with that BUFF. This helps a lot if you die in PVP and no one is around to add those buffs back onto you. If you have team mates that tend to forget to rebuff upon death it helps to have all the buffs built into your character and buff yourself and others in one motion. Without all the buffs on it makes PVP a little harder if you go against a steroid induced team of Buffed players.

I personally took a small decrease in overall PVE gear to add in a few PVP mods to some of my gear and switch off gloves and lower robe when switching between the two environments. I don't often run into problems with NPC's as I do with PVP if I end up flagged for PVP so I like it a little more balanced for those surprise attacks while I'm trying to take on a boss as can happen on ILUM for instance after hitting the PVP area during a gree event etc. It's funny when they attack and you're like SURPRISE even at half health I still take you down and heal myself at the same time. I'm still waiting to get the ultimate gear and 30X Mods. I'm slowly getting there with the Ranked PVP comms.