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12.25.2011 , 04:02 PM | #1
Augments are used to upgrade your weapons and armor.
My initial thought was that I could right click the augment and use it to enchant my gear... thats not the case.

If I right click the augment I get a message saying,
"You cannot equip this item."

if I open an item that can be modified, I get a message that says "No Available enhancement slots found".

So I ask in general 'how do I use an augment?' The answer I got was, the gear has to have an augment slot. So far I have seen several lvl augments from as low lvls as 4th and as high as (of course) 50th.

Is there gear available to characters that you can use augments with? Ive not come across even one piece of gear or weapon yet?

I am a 21st lvl Op.
It seems they are not viable to keep or collect for gear (at least for now), is there more gear available to augment at later levels?