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I can agree with this to a point. I think each class should have some form of anti focus ( a brief cloak, period of extreme danger reduction, or increased parry / dodge ) I was simply addressing your earlier comments specifically. Something does need to be done, but an additional breaker isn't the answer.

A question that should be asked though. If mercs / Ops didn't have their moment of extreme cheesiness, would any of the above be necessary? If those classes couldn't fight outnumbered as well as they do I think we'd have a lot less to complain about in general.

Right now everyone wants to be as OP as them. That isn't the answer.
Nope!!! buffing mercs, and maras definately threw off the balance. Nerfing them now might make certain players unhappy so i personally beleive buffing other classes is the way to go especailly since they are adding new abilities in September. What I was suggesting as an anti-focus is something like sorces casting stuff from the dead (like the eso abilitiy) or a tactical item that allows you to summon your companion while in a warzone (LOL). Something that requires skill and its new. Theres already enough cloak. Well find out what bioware has planned for us when all the classes are on the PTS but i just hope its creative. Without ruining the purpose of classes lol