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there is no "new" stun lock meta, no new hard stuns have been added to swtor since 3.0

this is a L2P issue. there must always be a way to die, to lose. should you never lose, there will be no challenge.. without challenge, why would you play? I dont play with 5 year old toys. I play videogames, and usually on hard mode.
I'm inclined to agree with Seterade and Trixxie on this one. If there were more ways to break cc high mobility classes would reign supreme. Stun Wars is frustrating, but few things would be more boring then Speed Wars. There's so much self healing and strong DCDs in this game that players rely on cc to kill each other. What Bioware could consider doing if they haven't already is something along the lines of what another individual mentioned here.

1. They could make soft cc add the same amount of resolve as hard cc so players had to actually think about when they use their stuns.

2. They could make the resolve bar decrease the duration of the current active cc, reduce the cooldown on your cc breaker, or increase the damage resistance of a player during full resolve ( while still stunned ).

3. They could make the decay on the resolve bar not start until the current active cc is over and the player is free to move.

I'm just brainstorming here but all of the above would be better than making classes indomitable or immortal. I'd rather players have to think about when they engage. Classes are pretty well balanced as it is with a few only needing minor tweaks ( looking at you mercs, ops, snipers ), but when it's all said and done it's important to be able to create situations where players can be killed especially in team fights with healers. Right now the damage windows created by cc is one of the only avenues to victory in a war of attrition. We've all gotta die sometime Delani, but it's up to you to play your class in a way that maximizes your own survivability.

I've said it before and i'll say it again, classes should have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Skanks shouldn't be a thing, Mercs shouldn't tank like Juggs, No one should be able to maraud better than a Marauder, everyone doesn't need to be as slippery as an operative, Assassins should be hit and run masters (not unkillable duelists with unlimited control and the ability to "lol nope" out of combat) ect.

Half of the fun in this game ( to me ) is figuring out how to win against classes I shouldn't within the confines of the class I love.

Play your way should refer to how you gain gear / unlocks in this game. The actual role you play in a warzone should be determined by the class you choose.