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I used TORhead a lot before 3.0. After 3.0 you can't do anything after 3.0 hardly where Classes are concerned because the Class you pick along with it's AC is PREDETERMINED, meaning it's meaningless for TORhead to have anything like a Skill calculator when with 3.0 you already pretty much know ahead of time what ur getting.

I can see New players needing info on 3.0 classes, but otherwise, there really is no need. Hardly any1 would use TORhead when ppl already knew so much on the Classes side, and TORhead did a helluva job with pre-3.0 stuff I thought.

There was/ is other sites that had better stuff in other catagories, but whenever I asked Guildies or ppl on any planet, or on Fleet for that matter ppl would always say use TORhead.
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