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Also, Scoundrels/Op healers were the best healers in the game and still are, not sage's/sorc's. There goes that huh? Don't mistake burst healing for best. But don't worry they took that away so all good now. You can pvp.
I have all 3 healers and have been raiding nim with all of them as well. I find it really hard to understand how you believe this statement to be true. Not trying to attack you but I would love to run with a scoundrel/op through some nim content against my mando and see the actual numbers to back this statement up.

Are they viable for nim content, in the right hands, absolutely. Do they require a little more attention than pre nerf sages, yup. Would I consider them better than the other two classes, not even close.

The biggest problem, imo, has always been *how* they heal, not how much they heal. Their output has always been fine, but it's the reactive healing vs proactive healing that's always bothered me. The only time a scoundrel can really shine, is when there is massive, sustained, raid wide damage. I can only think of a couple of fights where that is useful. Most of the nim content is based around spike damage and small amounts of raid damage, which the other 2 healers can handle better and quicker than a scoundrel/op.

Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy scoundrel/op healing more so than the other 2, but without some QOL changes to how they heal, I just don't see the point in bringing one. Given their output potential has always been above the other 2 classes (though most of it is completely wasted on over heal and not recommended is nim raiding), I can see a nerf to output to bring things into line with post nerf sages, mando as well for that matter.

But I would love to be proved wrong and if someone wants to set up a run with their scoundrel/op, I would be happy to see it out heal my mando across a full raid.

As for the topic at hand, healing has been overtuned for pve raiding for a long time now and I have no problem with the devs pulling things back into line. As long as it's consistent across all 3 classes. The only way the sage nerf is too much, is if they do nothing to the other classes. Nerfing mandos will be a must, but if they nerf the output of the scoundrel/ops without changing some QoL things, I feel scoundrels may be the class left behind. Again.