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Not sure about the others, but I always seem to get loot when I help kill something, but not sure if it is the same. They do seem to have scaling on the quests and I am on a server that is for new players so I found a few nice people, though guilds seem to be cross-realm (something about certain servers are connected) but I am cautious on guilds after the one time on wow, not sure I want to join a guild right now but I am enjoying my night elf destruction warlock p.
They may have changed the loot system since I was last there to something like Gw2 (I was there just before the last expansion). It didn’t use to be like that, it was exactly like swtors, that’s why we have it here because BioWare copied WoW.

With the servers, they are all cross server now per region and type (?). For instance, if you play on Oceanic servers they are all cross server and you can have everyone from all the servers in one place. When this happened there were lots of complaints because there was more mob and objective stealing. People who liked quieter servers went from a small crowd to peak hour on a train. (That may have also changed since the last xpac last year).

The last WoW guild I was in made me never want to be in a guild again (although I have been in swtor). But I will never use voice chat in a game again because of what happened.

The thing with WoW is the Blizzard “real” account identification. If you want to go hide from some jerks on another alt you can’t because they can track you. Even if you go to another Blizzard game they can follow you from WoW to Overwatch.
It’s a great idea in theory to stay in touch with friends, but it has a nasty dark side that goes with that convenience.