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Dont give us that BS, im a full time Arsenal Merc DPS'er, i can put out put as much DPS as most other classes. It has nothing to do with being Molested as you say, its about knowing the class, knowing how to kite and knowing the maps and Most important how to LOS.
I've put up 800k damage as a Merc Pyro. I have the top dps score in 90% of the wz matches I am in. You know how I do that? I kill Mercs first. They are the easiest to kill. By far.

However unlike you, I also play other classes. And on those toons too, there is one general rule. Kill the easiest players first. Kill Mercs first. The only time you ever lose to a Merc in a clean 1v1 is....well, never. Merc dps is the worst subclass in the game. Only dishonest people or idiots would contest that.

But since YOU can put out as much DPS as other classes, I'm sure you'll be able to show us your 1.2 million damage screenshot, right?