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No mention of the proposed jetpack escape ability? A Dev himself weakly stated that we've got escapability issues. The proposed jetpack ability would give us that.
i do not think such an ability is necessary.

i did suggest that for Arsenal, using Jet Boost grants a 4s 30% speed boost after the knockback. its not a jetpack escape ability, but i think that it would do the job quite well and keep Merc within the realm of balance.

i also suggested that Degauss grant full immunity to movement-impairments for the full duration of Energy Shield, not just a 1 time cleanse. that would give Pyro a similar "escape" ability.

the key to most of these changes is that they do not require new animations, or new abilities. almost all of these abilities require only some changes to values in the coding. basically, "keep it simple stupid" so that bioware can make these changes quickly in order to balance test them
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