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Hello everyone! Warning it's about to be a biggest disappointed ever I had in SWTOR.
4 set bonus veteran ranger set gives you around 20% dmg on shoulder cannon for 6 sec. CD is 18 sec. Makes it completely useless 4 set in pvp due to other classes can resist or ion wave/searing wave. Range dps if you do not use your CC's can out range once animation of ion wave take place. Bottom line it's one of the most useless set bonuses for pvp.
6 set bonus. No it's does not Daisy chain off proc. Checked it many many times. Max it can do 14 rockets. And one more thing. Talent heal for rocket. HEAL does not proc off additional rockets. Only 7 rockets will heal you if you AP/Tactics spec.
Bottom line - one of the most useless set bonuses for pvp in general...
Thank you for confirming my suspicions about this set. I was hoping for some unexpected mechanics like an AOE missile or daisy chains. Utilities not working with the set makes it even worse.

Pretty much just verified for me that meteor brawler is the only set I'm going to need. The set balance in this game is not interesting because you don't have any real choices.
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