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01.26.2017 , 09:10 PM | #35
I was floored when I saw this in the stream notes. I really, truly thought that we would not see any of the remaining companions back for at least a year, if that. BW actually TOLD us what companions are coming and didn't hide behind the usual "spoilers" mantra like they usually do. And they told us ahead of time, instead of waiting until 24 hours before the new content dropped to say a peep about it. Now I actually have something to look forward to! See BW? Telling us what's coming can actually be a good thing.

And Elara too? Quinn and Elara are in my top 5, and considering that none of my top 5 had made an appearance yet, this is very good news.

Can someone explain the whole "Choosing Empire only gets you Imperial companions, etc" thing however? The notes made it sound like that was for Elara and Quinn only but people are talking like this is for all future companions. I thought there would actually be 3 choices, since "Alliance" was mentioned as one of the three powers fighting over Iokath. Is it possible to take the third option?