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06.03.2020 , 02:56 PM | #164
I didn't want to clutter up General Discussion over this, but I did happen to try to use the Taskmaster set 4 piece during my run yesterday.

I had a level 75 Jedi Shadow Inilftration discipline. 2 piece Death Knell and 4 pc Taskmaster and one Amp Champ. all 306 rating mods. Nothing really augmented. Character iRating 306. A few pieces did have presence amplifiers. Grade 11 biochem Proficient stim. All the class buffs.
Companion was an influence rank 50 Nico Okarr. I used the presence drink from Onderon to boost my presence stats.

I ran the [HEROIC 2+]/Veteran mode Star Fortress over Hoth. I was level locked down to 70.

The 4 pc says "significantly increases attack speed of companion." I had Nico in heal mode, toggled off his channeled progressive scan and stun, so that he would do more dps.

I really didn't notice any difference at all between wearing that set in that encounter and when Nico is healing me normally on, say, Onderon dailies.

Anyone else have experience using this set?
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