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Exactly my thinking. The big debate is really New Advanced Classes or New Disciplines.

New Disciplines is arguably less resource intensive 8 advanced classes (and mirrors) x 1 discipline is 8 disciplines needing to be created vs. New classes 4 base classes (and mirrors) x 3 disciplines each is 12 disciplines and base mechanics... so probably twice as much work when you consider base mechanics.

BUT... a new advanced class allows for a lot more flexibility of design than just another discipline. You can change the weapons the class uses (a bounty hunter assassin getting rifles/sniper rifles instead of 1-2 pistols) and employ different core mechanics (ex. stealth field generators) instead of having to squeeze every skill for the concept into just the four skills you get from your discipline.

I also think there'd be some issues in terms of adding a new spec type... what does a scoundrel tank spec look like with the pistol/scattergun, stealth generator and upper hand mechanic look like? One of its discipline skills would have to be a gap closer and two others would need to be the taunts since they're not native to the scoundrel chassis. You'd also have to deal with the limited heals the Scoundrel gets that no tank spec has available.

That's why, despite the volume of work needed, I think it'd actually be easier to create and balance out new advanced classes than new specs giving roles a class has never had before. A new class lets you build in all the tools a typical class with a given set of three specs would have using the numbers and general traits common to the existing tank, heal, burst and dot specs.
Essentially this then goes from a complete new class ... to a new sub-class.

I also believe that all of your points are valid !! What OP is looking for would be either a Jedi (Republic side) or Sith .. (Empire side).