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06.18.2019 , 04:05 PM | #10
KOTFE paints the player character into a corner in terms of story. Which ever opinion you have on the quality of the story telling in KOTET and KOTFE, it ended up being some awkward and poor storytelling to even begin extracting yourself from the role of Commander and Emperor, if that's the route you took.

It's pretty one note on motivations for current and future content: You're the Commander, the Outlander who fixed everything, now come fix this new problem over here. Wow, you did it, you're so amazing. Bleh. Oh, the Republic/Empire needs resources, come fight over here. Wow, you defeated them. Bleh.

There's no emotional storytelling here, it's just like a history teacher forcing you to remember the dates of things, without knowing or caring about the actual interesting bits of why or how.