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This is a promotion for their next expansion: Savagery in The Slums
New PvP area called Bedlam on Bellmont ave!
New Level 55 hard mode flashpoints including Boarding Party and The Foundry!
New Quest area Rigorous Ravine. Players can now quest through this narrow area where they can't really move much off the beaten path to raise their reputation with the Slumlords!
New armor sets. The Disaffected Teenager and The Roofless Ruffian!
In addition all classes are going to receive a severe beating with the nerfbat. We've received truckloads of tear soaked tissues from the PvP community about how everyone else is OP so we're bringing down the hammer with this new degree of overbalancing. Yes, PvEers you will also be effected. (sorry, we can't make changes to PvP without meddling with PvE)
Did you really have to necro this thread for that?? I like a good joke, but....?
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