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It seems to me that your argument is based on a misconception. You viewed Galactic Renown as analogous to *Legacy Progression*, but it isn't. It's not analogous to anything. It *is* a direct replacement for the current Galactic Command system. That said, I agree that it acquires an aspect of "teamwork" with the Renown system that is somewhat lacking in GC, because of the legacy-bound nature of gear, but that aspect is already somewhat present in GC because of the ability to pull mod-objects from crate (and other) gear and sent them to other characters on your legacy in legacy-bound shells. (I do this sometimes, and it's quite feasible for e.g. Ossus Experimental 252s.)

Those high-reward Conquest objectives are once-per-legacy precisely because they are high-reward. If they were once-per-character, they would have a much lower reward level, in part because of e.g. Last Boss Lockout procedures for operations-based objectives.

I also think that if they enabled RXP from level 10 (as you suggest) or 1 (as some people seemed to think), there would be essentially no chance of lowbie characters getting gear that was useful for max-level characters.

I'm also of the opinion that, other than as a framework to hang achievements and perks on, the legacy system is somewhat dead, especially the family tree thing. (It has several serious flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings, and there has been essentially no movement on that stuff since I began playing in 2013.)
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