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If I remove Slow Time from the rotation, the average time between Telekinetic Throw channels jumps to 16.62 seconds (up from the 8.86 seconds with Slow Time). This initially seems unintuitive due to the fact that Project only has a 6 second cooldown, but remember that Project costs more than Slow Time and Telekinetic Throw is force-positive. Thus, the longer the delay on Telekinetic Throw, the less force we have to waste on Double Strikes attempting to proc Project (and thus Telekinetic Throw). It's a bit of a compounding problem.

All of that is to say that the hybrid spec cannot reliably keep Shadow Protection active. It will miss the window by about 3 GCDs, on average.
So, the following question, is losing 100% uptime on the 4% DR worth 6sec of on demand 25% DR every 60sec? I suppose it would depend on the fight?

Technically, it would be even more than 6sec every 60sec because you reset the cooldown every time you stealth out, and you get 6sec of Shadows Respite when you exit stealth. So, you'd get 6sec to start the fight if you pull from stealth, then another 6sec whenever you want from using Blackout. Then you can get 6 more from combat stealth, with another 6sec from the reset blackout.

So on Draxus for example, you mentioned you have 4 stacks from stealth each time he pops except for the 2nd. So you could have 12sec of 25% DR on each of those(6 from exiting steath, 6 from the reset Blackout). And 6sec of 25% I'm guessing on that second one because it's at least a minute between 1st and second pop isn't it? It could be even more extreme, you could have 18sec of 25% DR on the third if you pop Blackout->4 GCD of whatever->Combat Steath->Taunt->4 GCD of whatever->Blackout. Does that make sense? You'd have to be really quick on the stealth and taunt though...might not be viable. I don't tank enough to know if that would work or not.