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No, I was talking about female romance companions. They're all young. Vette. Jaesa. Ashara. Mako. Etc. So it would be refreshing to see a female romance companion (Lana) be older than the player character she is with most of the male romance companions. By Iokath, it's quite possible to have a near-twenty-some-odd year difference between a female player character and her male romance. That doesn't really happen for male player characters.
Kaliyo is 29 as the game opens. Check her Codex entry. When you meet her, Nadia Grell is supposed to be 22 or so, I believe, which makes her pretty close to the age of the player character (Consular) if you follow my headcanon of the classes' ages.

I always found that Ashara "felt" older than you suggest, but with an epic naivete.

And the reason I pursued the male companions was because you mentioned Quinn and Andronikos, who are demonstrably not female.
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