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01.27.2014 , 01:03 AM | #10
On my server the republic loads up a whole team of 4 to 5 ship players in almost every game. The same ones over and over that appear to be in premade groups. The Impire however is 90% 2 to 3 shipers. This is creating an over 90% loss for the Impire. Some may say the answer is to get better but when 90% of the games are losses and the republic defends there 9 turrets the whole time while racking up 10-20 kills each while your whole team is lucky to get 3 kills it is difficult to gain any requisition and thus upgrade at all much less keep pace with them. You can't catch up getting 100-250 requisition every match while those you are supposed to catch up to are pulling in 1,000-2,000 requesition.

I believe that the under dogs should get the lions share of the requisition granted after a match win or lose so that they might one day actually catch up and balance the game.

A simple way to do it would be to average the total requisition EVER earned by each team and award 1% of it it to each pilot on the other team in addition to what they get normally.

This way the noob team's average lifetime requisition earning would be small and there enemy would gain little due to the lack of challenge.

On the other hand the new players that stick it out against the all 5 ship premade ace team would get a ton of requisition even if they lost because 1% of what the Aces had ever earned would be huge which would allow them to catch up and balance space pvp.

Even matched games at all skill levels would award slightly more to the winning team which would be small if both teams where new and huge if both teams where masters.

I recommend doing this until the wins and losses across all servers where running 50/50 and then cutting it off to stop inflation until such a time should arise when it was out of whack again.

To many people have given up on GSF already due to this imbalance and more are quitting every day. Or worse they have switched and now play pub in space so they can win. Fix this please before GSF becomes a pub only thing.