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Droid Technician: Under supervision of Lead Technician, qualified applicants will guide the assembly and programming of state-of-the-art droids. Requires a strong understanding of motivators, complex circuitry, and combat algorithms.

1. I am a Jedi Knight who has always worked to the fullest extent to uphold the morals of the Republic and protect its people. I want to join Czerka because they have a huge influence on the galaxy from the conflicts between the Republic and the Empire to the lives of everyday people. Even I, have found how useful Czerka products can be.

2. I have accomplished much since becoming a Jedi Knight: I have traveled the galaxy and defeated Darth Malgus who threatened to take over the entire galaxy with his power, killed the Emperor of the Sith and stopped their Tyranny on the galaxy once and for all, liberated Makeb from Hutt control and saved its citizens from genocide, killed countless Sith and Imperials on their quest for slavery and power, and become a Jedi Master of great skill with high praise from Satele Shan herself.

3. I followed the Jedi Code and trusted in the Force to guide me through each of these achievements. By becoming one with the Force, I stayed calm and got through the many troubles plaguing me and the galaxy.

4. I would say I have a strong moral compass, I always ensure that killing is a last resort, that anyone can be turned to the light. This would not get in the way of my work normally, but if I must do something questionable I will ensure that I know the consequences of my actions before attempting it and be ready to stop it so another Tatooine disaster is averted.

5. Go over their head and tell their supervisor the issue and that should anyone die the company will lose money as well.

Please consider me for this position as I think it a privilege to work for such an esteemed and influential company. This job will give me the ability to create better droids both for the war effort and everyday life which will earn Czerka trillions of credits.