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My problem is they make a huge point of how Arcann and his sister found this new way to use the force that is SO much better than the Jedi or Sith and we need to learn to beat them. But then everything they show of Arcann and his sister they are just spoiled brats that act like short sighted Sith. They don't even try to make them seem like something more.
The story is terrible. The Jedi Order and Sith Order are almost extinct in this "story". It introduces a galaxy conquering super force with super force users in the knights who conquered the Jedi and the Sith simultaneously in a matter of months. By the way not just beat but the head of the Jedi Order is living in the woods and the Dark Council is dead.

Then you proceed to slaughter this force by the 100's, easily destroy their fleet. Infiltrate their capital at will. Steal their fortune. Kill all their "champions". Steal their military equipment.

This was the force that destroyed our expeditionary fleet in minutes of battle and wiped out Imperial and Republic militaries.

I'd like to also address the Valkorian/Vitate issue a bit. So the Sith Empire returned to conquer the republic. Made it all the way to Coroscuant. Then Vitate negoiated a strange peace accord. The war took a turn to a stalemate. So his answer was to run off to Wild Space and form a better empire to destroy both the Republic and Sith Empire as this Valkorian figure.

But when he's Vitate he wants to destroy the entire galaxy. As Valkorian he want to return to ruling it all again? Then he's constantly trying to corrupt us to the darkside. Or use his power to possibly trap us and take us over. He's morphing in and out of Valkorian and Vitate. He's killed as Vitate, incorporal, yet he still is Valkorian? He's trapped and the Emperor's Wraith frees him, but he's not trapped and Valkorian raising his kids?

This story is all over and makes little sense. It could not end soon enough. Just end this non-sense. Please.
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