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04.17.2019 , 08:00 AM | #7
Will agree jugg do lack mobility compared to other specs, they might have extra charges because of warmonger, but what other classes have is controllable mobility like force speed or PT hydraulics. personally think these tactical items are going to cause quite a bit of change almost cause entire spec reworks so specs like rage with fixed rotations are a bit difficult to without just giving buffs to.

-Impale causes you next ravage to increase the duration of eviscerate and draining scream by 3 seconds if applied on the target, to increase the uptime of the impale/scream dot to 100% to match their CDs, also changing the priority of ravage/hew for the sake of dot damage.
-For every dot on the target when Hew deals damage reduces the rate limit slaughter can trigger by 1 second
-Critical damage dealt by Shatter's bleed effect reduce the rate limit that slaughter can be triggered by 1 second.
The above to is sort of meant to help with uptime as more hew procs leads to a few more ranged attacks, just playing around with the idea.
-For every tick of Shatter's bleed, increase the damage of your next ravage by 5% stacks 4 times, most will agree since they made ravage an instant cast it doesn't compare to it's stronger damage output, so something to increase that.