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04.17.2019 , 06:39 AM | #6
so far i see:

more single target burst: go play focus. single target burst is what it exists for. to the person who wants the channel back, i think you missed the entire point of it being made not a channel in the first place: mobility.

more mobility/group utility: i'm not against this per say, but keep in mind, unlike sents, guardians can tank. that's utility in and of itself. Also, vigi is one of the highest parsing specs BECAUSE it has time on target issues.
(i.e. according to BW, it's a "melee sustained" class, and thus, in the highest parsing bracket.)

Vigi is currently one of the best aoe specs in the game, but improving upon that is hard, since aoe is already as simple as PB --> vigi thrust --> cyclone slash --> OH --> vigi thrust (adding combat focus and sundering strike as needed for focus purposes).