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10.05.2017 , 07:54 AM | #1
Let me begin by thanking the team for an awesome stream the other day. While the information was most likely not all we wanted to hear or lacked some of the substance we were looking for, it's clear that the guys (and gals) are doing what they can with what they have.

I also wanted to thank Charles and Eric for answering more than four of my questions. That's unprecedented given that several of them were borderline 'trolling'. Still, they were in good humor and good spirits and that says a lot given what is going on in the forums and behind the scenes.

The fact that Keith is my age BLEW ME AWAY. And thank you Keith for making an appearance, I really wish I could make the journey to actually see you guys in NY, but knowing you all, it will be fun in EVERY case. Since I sent you a Zeltron by PM, I wont send you another in thanks; I certainly hope you are using her or at least showing her off....LOL

I love that Keith answered the question about how how many CXP level 300 toons he had with (and I am paraphrasing b/c I haven't watched the stream again):

"...I have 9 going on 10 level 300 I don't want to hear any 'thing' about it being too hard..."

He almost said it. LOL. I saw the pause when he looked at the camera, I am almost imagining someone off camera cringing as Keith almost said "...I don't wan't to hear any S*** about it being hard..."

Good to know that Keith is human, he plays the game and YES ladies and gentlemen he is one of us.
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