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03.18.2020 , 10:34 AM | #5
I have been a star wars fan since 1977. I agree with victus. The road the last 3 films went was a complete disapointment for me and, well J.J. Abrams was a failure. Any new directors with a new twist on the story line were either fired or let go because it did not fit in with Kathleen Kennedy's view of Star Wars (or Lucas's). If Disney brings in some new blood like the Game of Thrones writer/directors and a couple of others that have been mentioned and take the story lines in a completely different direction (leave Kennedy at home). I have read most of the novels that were written about the Star Wars Universe and there have been some good ones. Hey it's a big Universe lets bring in some new blood with fresh ideas and take it in a different direction. That also goes for you Bioware and E.A. Games, i would bet the farm you have had some suggestions along this line from your own developers! To all you Writers/Directors/Game Developers, you are making Billions already, but please try and use your imaginations. TomParm.