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02.16.2020 , 01:56 AM | #1
OK, before you guys get your hopes up, this is just an idea I had. We know how well the last three pictures went and the fan reviews. I know Mr. Lucas has no further connection with LUCASFILM and Kathleen Kennedy BUT I think EA and Bioware could entice the father of "Star Wars" to create the narrative for the next installment of the game. I know this would be a real boon to the game. Iím a subscriber and I for one would love to see what could become of the game if we had Mr. George Lucas designing a story line.

This could be a pivotal point where the movie story line could be headed in the direction where the creator wanted the story to go. While Iím still out of the hands of the men in white coats, hereís another thought. Have Billie Catherine Lourd do the voice over for a new companion that could be included in the new expansion.

What do you says EA and Bioware? Take a Chance?
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