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No, I've tried it and find it interesting but haven't yet had time to type a build for it. Add one!

I've added the helpful players to the community section among other things. Will address more later.
Uh... lemme see if I can remember what I was flying...

-Some kinda lasers
-Rocket pods
-S/E converter
-Some sorta missile break (probably barrel roll or power dive)
-Dampening sensors
-Obvious armor
-Probably turning thrusters
-I think frequency capacitor? Maybe?
-Pinpointing + Concentrated Fire offensive crew member (ideally Pierce for extra pods)
-Evasion + shield pool
-Dampening + focus or radius
-Engine pool and efficiency

Basically, zip in, pop cooldowns, blow something up, zip out, turn around after their target of target goes blank. It works pretty well, though it's not quite my style. Pretty sure I got the idea from Nem at some point, maybe he'll pop in here.
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