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BW/EA only has to do one thing too make this game explode with people, in fact if they did this they would need the Ark to float in the waves of people wanting to play....

Get rid if WZ passes and open up WZ to unlimited access to F2P and Prefurred. It's the old saying if you can get them in the gate and keep them their, more likely people would be eager to spend money... If you want to attract the Bee's you need to offer a little honey...

And this game has by far the best queued PvP out their imo!
...the what?! We do talk about the same game, do we?

BioWare does not show any big interest in fixing the PVP problem. SWTOR is the most PVP unpractical MMO I've ever played. The error lies in the entire game design. SWTOR is not fit for PVP and the support for this is almost nonexistential. Thatfore the entire PVP community is dying piece by piece out in here. Just look at the so called PVP servers. What is the real difference between those and the rest? At most 10% of the areas as FFA PVP suitable. That's no PVP at all! The same stuff you can get also in PVE servers if you activate your PVP mode. There is no PVP advantage and those servers do not acomodate natural PVP behavior.

Giving F2Players free entrance to the Warzones won't chage a thing! The PVP is dying with and without in here simply because it is not enough for PVPlayers just to queue in line for the next match. If they want to do ONLY this, they have a lot of other way better options out there beside SWTOR.