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Hi. My name is Prum. Some of you may know me. I am the top 2 operative for solo ranked in season 9. More notably I am also a hardcore duelest. I am one of the best operative duelests in the game. I also sorc duel. I have particapated and won many dueling tournaments all over the game including, Jedi Covenant (when it still existed), Harbringer (when it still existed), Pot5 (when it still existed), Prodigener (when it still existed), The Red Eclipse (when it still existed), Satele Shan, and Darth Malgus.

To contribute to the dueling community, I have a stronghold set up with multiple different arenas which is visited daily by duelists who just chill and practice duels. Alongside my good friend Nike, I created a guild called <OG Operatives> to teach operatives how to duel. I also run small low-key tournaments as frequently as possible as well as contribute and advise others on the server how to run their own.

Currently I am trying to organize my biggest tournament yet. A massive game-wide, double elimination tournament equip with in-house betting on each round featuring the best duelists of SWTOR. A tournament that would be watched by the whole SWTOR community, showcasing the best duelists and their skills. A tournament with a enduring legacy. Obviously this would be a massive project, but I already have help. I have volunteers prepared to help me with the betting, multiple players helping me get invites out on both imp and rep side, many people spreading the word, and dedicated streamers with a dueling UI already set up.

All that is missing is the prizes. To attract a large dueling community and to entice players to transfer over, I need to have a large prize pool. I have already have a generous amount of CC for giveaways and prize pools, however I need sponsors to help me with the credits prize pool. If you are a wealthy player and would like to contribute to the tournament please contact me through discord or DM's through the forums. My discord info is Prum#1968. Of course any help would be greatly appreciated and greatly rewarded but we can also discuss any possible compromises.

Thank you so much,
-Prum, Satele Shan
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