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11.01.2019 , 07:10 AM | #30
Okey, couple answers.

"Redirected wrath" - on my shadow it is called "Ancient tomb of Wrath" and it does+ 2% to shield absorption - that is not exact damage reduction - pretty trash. I use "durasteel wall" instead.

"force speed damage reduction", well ...not for tanks. Now tanks has mana regen Dps get 25% reduction.

As for tank, my best now is:
1% each 10s heal set + 2% alacricity pieces
Pvp guarding like VS door / OPs = "durasteel wall"
Any other cases - "Luck always changing"

Ops - plain shield absorb relict, other cases change to healer relic which do additional 15k heal, triggered by set.

On long run "luck always changes" negates -10% dps by tank stance, and add some a bit. I.e. tank acts as dps without crits.

Also I want to try "exploding shield" set, should be ok for packs' farm as it should rise dps about 10%.
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