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I assume it's for PvE?

Skillful: Ballistic Dampers is a must pick - one of the best defensives you have. Imperial Efficiency is good if you are going to deal with a lot of adds - if you see that you are using Suppressive Fire a lot in a fight, it's a good utility. Snap Shot helps with mobility a bit, so a decent choice, too. Vital Regulators - decent for soloing something or if there is really nothing else to pick.

Masterful: Seek Cover is amazing for Marksmanship, where you will get it after each roll, for Virulence is less effective but if you need to move fast a lot, it's the best utility out there. Basically your personal Predation but even better. Stroke of Genius is worth mentioning, it's an alright defensive + a bit of mobility; mostly a solo utility though, if you need an extra DCD.

Heroic: Pillbox Sniper - I always pick this, lower cd on Entrench is always good, especially together with another utility from Heroic tier, further pushback makes it easier to push mobs off the ledge. Siege Bunker - a must pick. Pop Entrench with this utility and you can basically ignore any AoE damage dropped on you. Usually you don't have any points left to pick anything else in here but Augmented Shields is worth mentioning - it's a decent choice if you are going for some purely defensive build (Master Chapters, may be).

Legendary: Deployed Shields is a must pick. Virulence already has a bonus for Ballistic Shield (+5 sec to duration). With this you can also use it more often - and in higher difficulty ops Ballistic Shield can save your group from dying many many times. 5% less damage taken in cover is also a nice thing to have. Then for the last point you can either go back to some of the previous ones or choose one of these three: Defensive Safeguards for pure defensive utility (so, mostly for soloing sth hard or for hard ops content); Controlled Chaos for insane AoE burst if there are TONS of adds in the fight; Tactical Retreat - my personal favorite, 10% hp heal every 20s is awesome, especially if you are taking consistent damage and 2 extra seconds on Evasion is great too.

My typical setup is Ballistic Dampers, Snap Shot, Imperial Efficiency from Skillful; Seek Cover from Masterful (very rarely useful, usually Vital Regulators is probably better. But I'd rather have on-demand mobility than some weak heal ticking); Pillbox Sniper and Siege Bunker from Heroic; Deployed Shields and Tactical Retreat from Legendary.