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Crafting in Conquests was just too good prior to 5.8. There is a feeling though that we cut a bit too deep on its overall impact to Conquests. The War Supply schematics were combined which made them harder to craft, and their point contribution went down, even with the added functionality of being able to consume them.
Plan: We are going to give it some time and monitor the impact of these changes, and then we will make any needed adjustments in 5.9 or beyond.
Eric, thanks for the post. Regarding crafting, the "added functionality" of being able to throw a bunch of invasion forces down the drain is not something I want or enjoy. It offers almost no value compared to the other possible uses of invasion forces, such as dark projects (to expand guild ships and buy decorations) or buying the new conquest decorations (which are very nice btw, thanks for those). I have not taken this option and have no intention of doing it. It feels bad, like a waste rather than a reward. As a way of justifying or mitigating the crafting nerf, I think it's a failure. It's like a 1% rebate on an 80% tax-hike.

I notice you haven't commented on the decision to take away one of our dark project schematics and remove exotic isotope stabilizers as a way to craft dark projects. Personally they're all I've used my blue jawa junk on, ever. I could've crafted lots of dark projects with them but I waited until 5.8 thinking you might add a conquest objective to craft dark projects, only to see I now can't use them at all for such crafting. It honestly felt like a slap in the face. Doing this without warning I think was unfair and should absolutely be reversed.
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