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1. Anything important that would piss you off if there's a rollback, including purchases, operations, achievement hunting, story progression, etc. Just wander around for a while and see what's what (once the login queue clears to a point where you can actually log in rather than staring at the "in queue" message for however long).

2. Come to the forums and start a thread about not being able to log in. More than likely:
a. You will have logged on too soon after your patch downloads and servers aren't up yet
b. Everyone's trying to log in at once
c. They brought one or more servers down because something's buggy on a specific server
d. They didn't execute the roll-out properly and we're in the middle of a roll-back on all servers
If you still can't log in on 10/23, fair enough, post something.

3. Fail to read the release notes.
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