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So there's an achievement called "The Dantooine Cipher" where you click on 5 books scattered around Dantooine. There are 4 in various buildings and 1 on Polly's island. You don't seem to get anything for doing it other than the achievement so I have no idea what it's for but apparently there are similar achievements on Rishi and Ossus now too.

I've found 4/5 on Rishi but I can't find the fifth one. The first 4 have either been in the slums or the main boardwalk area. I've only found 1 on Ossus so far, in the tunnel between the Canyons and the northern area.

Edit: Finished Ossus ciphers, just looking for Rishi #5 now.

Any ideas what these are for?
They are achievements. They serve as something else you can do outside of repeating the same dailies or heroics or FPs or Ops or Ups endlessly or playing through the story on yet another character.
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