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I strongly recommend spending cartel coins to convert ship to fleet req, and then buying all the fleet req ships. I strongly recommend NOT converting fleet to ship req under most circumstances, and I only recommend converting ship to fleet from ships A, B, and C to buy an upgrade on ship D if you are legit rich-ish (doing these things sets you back on your other ships while also costing you like 40 bucks per ship you want to max).

Unlocking the ships with cartel coins will normally see you spending about three to ten dollars of cartel coins, for every ship in the game. Don't feel obligated to do this: it just seems like the devs sort of made it cheapish but not free assuming that most players would do at least a little of this.

Your questions have been answered, but I'll add this: several paint jobs and color modules are ONLY available on the GTN, and many of them are the most colorful or patterened options. If you are empire, there's a lot of very mediocre paint jobs (my incomplete guide on cosmetics points out that empire has four almost completely identical white/blue color schemes, all hard to see on any ship as the blue is mostly black and the white is mostly gray). In fact, the empire colors, if you screen cap / sceen shot and then color tool them, can't always legally even be called the colors that they claim to be in the first place. Looking at you, "deep purple" or whatever, with almost as much green as blue and not very much of anything at all!

On Republic side, the paint jobs and color schemes are VASTLY more reasonable and interesting, with many solid choices.

Lasers: these are VERY visible. If you aren't seeing them, give it a little bit of time. I recognize every laser type at long distances now. They are the only cosmetic choice you have that your allies and enemies will both see. I'm very particular about my laser colors, this is the one cosmetic option that is really done right.
Boosters: The trails only draw for you. The color can be seen on other ships if they are facing and such, but it's not super obvious. These are highly visible to YOU, however- just not your allies or enemies.
Paint jobs- the ones that involve the noses seem to be pretty visible in the targeting window, and you do see this on satellites at times. I think these are reasonably visible to the player as well.

I don't have a recommendation on cartel ships. If spending about 15 dollars to have a second copy of a ship is pleasing to you, go ahead and do it. If that strikes you as nuts, don't. On Bastion I have every ship mastered, and that counts cartel ships on both factions. I really like the look of the type 2 gunship and the type 1 strike in their cartel variants. But don't feel obligated on power reasons- there's no power reason at all (in fact, the ships can be a little bit weaker, as their icons don't update when they swap weapons, making it very rough to play a type 1 gunship- you can't tell at a glance if you are on ion or slug).

The "10% requisition" bonus will, if you earn req from NOTHING but actual games played (aka, you don't pop any tokens) be worth 13k requisition over the 150k that you earn to mastered. Once mastered, the ships earn at the same rate, so you'll never get anything over that 13k. And of course, the bonus doesn't help you when you pop tokens, which is a very sizable percent of requisition earned. So don't make a decision on that- playing three to ten games with one extra upgrade won't make or break anything.
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