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First of all, there is simply no Serenity/Hatred guide on dulfy for 5.0+, only for 4.0 which is quite outdated.

Secondly, I don't find Serenity guide on bad at all. It has solid guidelines for the spec, a correct rotation, correct utility choices (for an all-round build, anyway. For something more fight-specific the player should just set it up himself after he gets more experienced.), last time I checked it had correct stats listed too. There are some minor mistakes in ability descriptions and passives but I don't see how that particular guide is bad for learning Serenity.
First off the rotation is not up to date, it is quite out dated actually.
Also by you saying that only 4.0 guides are around, and that they are out dated you are saying that vulkk’s guide is outdated. The 4.0 dulfy guide is almost a copy and last of the 4.0 guide rotation wise that is.
There are some 5.0 guides out there on YouTube such as one from Aeyix who is one of the better sims out there (killed brontes as a hatred/decep sin. It was painful).
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