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02.23.2012 , 07:05 AM | #2
Apart from the 5 stealthed douchebags farming chests all day tatooine is pretty dead. Most people avoid 1v1 by vanishing / cc'ing and running, others only come at you 2v1. It's for the chests only, and they are based on current player amount. Aka : no players = no chest respawns.

There are about 3 chests there, I think, holding 20 mercenary commendations each.

The entire reason to do world pvp is to gain something. Sadly you can't compete with stealthers who rush between spawn locations. It's no PvP , it's just a game of hide and seek.

I once encountered a 4 man scoundrel squad and they all opened at the same time...

I dislike tatooine, the travel time there is WAY too long, and you can't do much more than mount around for hours looking for chests. Which is exactly what all the stealthers are doing.

Just do /who in tatooine, if you see a stealth class don't even bother going there.

And how are we supposed to go ilum from there? The travel system is so poorly designed open world pvp has ended before you even arrive at the ''battlefield''. Take a stopwatch and measure the time it takes to travel from lets say Republic base in ilum, to outlaws den in tatooine, without quick travel or fleet passes. It would take you at least 20-30 minutes, and thats complete wasted time, considering you can get up to 220 warzone tokens in that amount of time. And then you have to pray there are players / chests spawned in tatooine, which is not the case 95% of the time.

TL;DR : Tatooine is about chests only, and the long travel times / low player count doesn't make it worth it.