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Now that XP and CXP are earned concurrently, but boosted separately, we're looking at needing two consumables at a time for un-nerfed progression, on top of the $155.88 we pay year over year, for a 'premium' experience.

I'm guessing Renown level-drops will feed Amps and Augments (either directly, or with rare components), much as GC levels feed Aug components now, and create a far worse pay-to-win incentive for end-game gear than we have now. I don't even want to get started on the cynicism of the claim Amps are 'optional,' and 'not necessary.'

Have the Devs commented on monetized progression at all?
I've got a stack of about 30 Major XP boosts that I got from completing story missions, that cost me 0.00. The monetization scheme sucks...
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Also, just a small point. Why should anyone who plays this game exclusively for any particular type of content, have to run a different type of content just to earn gear? What is that attitude all about?